Summer goulash at Mecasys: Football derby, slingshot, and bow

On 7 July, our hall fell quiet for a while. We went to Zubrohlava, where we fully enjoyed the summer weather, a wide range of activities, and further strengthened the team.

Entertainment and tradition

We organise a summer goulash event every year. It’s a reward for good work, fun, plus a chance to talk to colleagues who work for us externally. All this is topped off with delicious goulash.

Friday, 7 July 2023 was of course no different. The weather was nice and we worked on cooking goulash from the very morning. Its aroma gradually attracted our colleagues from Oravská Polhora, their families, as well as external colleagues from other parts of Slovakia.

Activities for young and adults

In addition to sampling Orava delicacies, we also held interesting competitions that attracted children and adults alike. The chance to use a slingshot took many back to their childhood, while others tested their archery skills. We rewarded their efforts with Mecasys T-shirts, cups, and a generous helping of Orava goulash.

Lovers of board games also came into their own. Games like Ludo, Activity, and cards clearly didn’t leave their players cold, and their shouts clearly signalled a high level of competitiveness.

There were also team sports. We watched spirited athletic feats in both volleyball and football. Even though they were friendly games, everyone put their heart into them and didn’t hesitate to give their all for their team, even if it meant hitting the turf.

But enough words, let’s let the pictures speak for themselves.