About our company

Starting a new chapter

Mecasys team - career

The 18 th anniversary of the founding of Mecasys was a truly festive occasion. We’re celebrating our symbolic adulthood with rebranding that embodies our growth, innovation, and bold step forward.

We are pleased to unveil our new look, which reflects our commitment to precision, continuous progress, and determination to achieve all that we set out to do.

Change is at the heart of progress

Our decision was driven by a desire to better align our visual identity with the advances we have made in our industry. Looking back while also looking forward, we’ve redesigned every aspect of our brand to ensure that it reflects all our values and goals.

Central motif

An important part of the rebranding is our new logo. Its two parts metaphorically represent our slogan: “YOUR NEEDS. OUR EXPERTISE.” The needs are more colourful, giving them a sense of urgency. Our expertise, skills, and abilities are represented by the right side of the logo, which is more complex, less bright, finding professional and adequate solutions for your needs. Together, it also symbolises that we are “on the same wavelength” with you.

We’ve added a main slogan to the logo, which shows that thanks to our know-how we can help you and find solutions for the challenges you are facing.

Find out more about us

We’ve entered the digital age and redesigned our website to give you a better user experience. We see it as a calling card where you can easily find all the important information. You can also find Mecasys on Facebook and LinkedIn, where we share industry insights, what’s new with us, and spark discussions.

A peek behind the curtain

Rebranding is not just about a new logo or a redesigned website. It is the culmination of countless hours, brainstorming, and a lot of sleepless nights. Our team put their heart and soul into this transformation, ensuring that every pixel, every word, and every idea reflects our passion for what we do.