Mecasys: UPT
UTP: Electrical assembly and design


UPT is a company engaged in the manufacture of plastic tanks and boxes of all sizes and shapes for use mainly in industry.

UPT's needs

UPT approached us with a requirement to create an electrical switchboard for a passivation line project. The role of the switchboard will be to supply the heating elements and their regulation with respect to the temperature and liquid level.

Our solution

● Familiarization with the passivation line function and project specification.

● Manufacture of electrical switchboard according to the task.

● On-site installation and testing of the assembly line.

● Handing over the operation and maintenance manual, certificate and initial inspection.

Our expertise

Software: electricaldesign EPLAN Electric P8 2023

Electronic elements: sensors, controllers, protection and fusing elements, switching power elements

Production of switchboards according to the project documentation.

Final results

We supplied the customer with an electrical switchboard according to the specification and installed it on the passivation line.

The handover of the project went without complications, the facility is fulfilling its role.

The cooperation with UPT was a pleasant cooperation at a high level, which was another interesting experience for us in the non-automotive field.

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