Mecasys: Thermoplastik
Case study: Thermoplastic


Thermoplastik has been operating on the Slovak market since 1998. It specializes in the production of large-size plastic mouldings. The company's strategy is to use state-of-the-art technology for large, technically demanding plastic mouldings in the automotive and electronics industries.

Thermoplastic's needs

Thermoplastik approached us with the need to design and manufacture tear jigs for their own in-house development and testing of plastic mouldings.

Our solution

● After familiarizing ourselves with the requirements and specification of the process, we put forward the design of blasting jigs.

● We have studied and presented the design together with the customer's technicians in detail.

● After fine-tuning the design, we realized the production of tear jigs.

● We assembled the complete jigs, verified and delivered to the client.

Our expertise

3D software used for design: SolidWorks2018

Production technologies: CNC machining, 3D printing (prototyping)

Measuring and Verification Technology: CMM Measuring Equipment

This project has been a challenging but important one for us. As this was the first time we designed this type of training, we approached it with the utmost respect. We have spent enough time to simulate the actual processes to fine-tune the final product. Since the customer had a special requirement to reduce costs as much as possible, we were able to design the fixture so that its plate has cumulative use in multiple tests. As a result, the client receives two preparations instead of three, thus saving costs and storage space for the preparations.

I am always very pleased when I can present a simulation to the customer, thanks to which he can more accurately visualize our design and the resulting product better meets his requirements. - Pavol Gužik, Lead designer Mecasys

Final results

The result of our work is a product that accurately reflects the customer's requirements, saving them costs and storage space.
Thanks to the fact that we have become experts in the preparation market, we are able to offer our customers solutions even for non-standard preparations. We understand preparations and will always do our best for our customers to ensure that our preparation is exactly what they expect it to be.

Thanks to this jig, the client will no longer have to do tests on universal inaccurate jigs. It always ensures the position and stability of the part in the tear press. In this way, he can rely on the test results and apply his findings to the production process setup so that the part also meets the necessary standards for today's automotive industry.

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