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Case study: RAMA BOHEMIA


RAMA BOHEMIA has more than 30 years of experience in the production of mouldings and assemblies. Their constant drive to move forward and implement innovations brought them to Mecasys.


RAMA BOHEMIA approached us with the need to develop and construct a single-purpose device whose task would be to glue double-sided adhesive tape to a PVC part. With this equipment, they could achieve repeatable accuracy and higher quality tape adhesion. To minimize the need for operator intervention in the work process, they needed to incorporate an industrial robot into the equipment.

Our solution

● First of all, we familiarized ourselves with the customer's requirements, technological procedures and types of components needed for the working process.

● Subsequently, we developed a prototype machine for fully automated gluing of double-sided adhesive tape to PVC parts with minimal operator intervention in the work process. Among the various options, we chose the most suitable concept for the application.

● We then fabricated, assembled and programmed the control system for the entire robotic workstation. We fine-tuned the workflow and performed functionality testing as needed.

● We handed over the finished, fully functional equipment to the client RAMA BOHEMIA and trained the staff to operate the new equipment.

Our expertise

Industrial robot: RoboCraft X9

Automated gluing system: TapeBond Pro

Control system: AutoMate Control

"Our solution for RAMA BOHEMIA combines the latest technological trends in automation with their specific needs in the area of moulding production. We pride ourselves on successfully introducing innovations that contribute to the efficiency and accuracy of their work processes." - Jaroslav Miklušák, CEO Mecasys

Final results

● Fully automated double-sided adhesive tape bonding process has contributed to increased accuracy and consistency of the final product.

● The integrated industrial robot minimized the need for manual operator intervention, resulting in efficiency and optimization of the work process.

● Improved bonding quality and process repeatability has resulted in significant cost and time savings.

Working with RAMA BOHEMIA was another opportunity for us at Mecasys to provide a cutting-edge technology solution. Our industrial robot equipment has brought significant improvements in the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of work processes. We are confident that our solutions will bring new competencies to RAMA BOHEMIA in the field of mouldings production and the current project represents another step forward towards our shared vision of innovation and excellence in the industrial environment.

Client Statement: "The cooperation with the Mecasys team represents a revolutionary step for RAMA BOHEMIA towards fully automated processes in our production line. Their equipment with an industrial robot for taping tape has not only significantly increased our production accuracy and quality, but has also made our workflow significantly more efficient. Mecasys has been a reliable partner for us in innovation and technological progress." Translated with (free version) - Juraj Novák, Managing Director of RAMA BOHEMIA

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