Mecasys: Magna Slovteca
Case study: the Magna Slovteca


The company has been operating in Slovakia since 1994. It is a global automotive supplier with more than 139,000 employees in 29 countries around the world. It has a wide range of interior and exterior rear-view mirrors in its product portfolio.

Magna Slovteca's needs

Magna Slovteca approached us with the need to design and manufacture vibration jigs for their own in-house development and stability testing of rear-view mirror designs.

Our solution

● After familiarizing ourselves with the requirements and process specification, we put forward the design of vibrating fixtures.

● We have studied and presented the design together with the customer's technicians in detail.

● After fine-tuning the design, we realized the production of vibrating fixtures.

● We assembled the complete jigs, verified and delivered to the client.

Our expertise

3D software used for design: SolidWorks2018

Production technologies: CNC machining, 3D printing (prototyping)

Measuring and Verification Technology: CMM Measuring Equipment

For this project, we were confident of the result, as we had already implemented several vibrating fixtures for the customer. Nevertheless, we allocated the necessary amount of time for the project and did not underestimate the preparation and subsequent consultations. The customer always has a requirement that the minimum natural frequency is 1200 hz.

I am choosing you as the investigator for this project based on our previous experience. You know what we need and you deliver it to us in a short time. - Ing. Ľubomír Žákovič, Advanced Quality Leader, Magna

Final results

The result of our work is a product that accurately reflects the customer's requirements. Since the customer sends the preparation for external calculation, which is not a cheap affair, it is important that we provide the result on the first try.
We understand the preparations and will always do our best for our customers to ensure that our preparation is exactly what the customer expects from it.

We spent 9 hours on the design of the fixture. The production took about 20 hours. The preparation consists of 10 components including fasteners. Of these are two pieces of unique shaped parts, designed only for this fixture.

With this fixture, the customer can test the strength and durability of their own mirror design and improve it according to the test results. The preparation guaranteed the customer stability so that he could fully rely on the measured results.

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