Mecasys: ITW Automotive
Case study: ITW Automotive


ITW manufactures interior plastic components for the automotive industry. Their customers are well-known and renowned companies such as Opel, Audi and Volvo.

ITW's needs

We were approached by ITW Automotive with the need to develop and construct a device to measure and evaluate the motion forces of assembled components. This automation will speed up the production process and ensure process repeatability.

Our solution

● After familiarizing ourselves with the customer's requirements, we designed a complete control station for automated motion force measurement.

● According to the made design, we produced the necessary parts and provided 6AX robot, pneumatic, electrical and other components.

● We then fabricated the entire station, assembled and programmed its control system. We fine-tuned the workflow as needed.

● We handed over the finished, fully functional equipment to our client ITW Automotive, we trained the staff to operate and maintain the new equipment. Finally, we still implemented the programs for the new parts.

Our expertise

Motion force measurement system: ForceSense Pro

Automated 6AX robot: RoboTech X10

Control system: AutoMonitor Pro

"Working with ITW Automotive was an opportunity for us at Mecasys to create a technology solution that contributed significantly to the efficiency of their manufacturing processes. We pride ourselves on our innovative solutions and our ability to adapt to the client's specific needs." - Jaroslav Miklušák, CEO Mecasys

Final results

● The introduction of the automated inspection station has led to a significant acceleration of the production process.

● Measurement of motion forces ensures consistent quality of the resulting components.

● Improved process repeatability has contributed to reduced errors and production downtime.

The cooperation with ITW Automotive was a challenge, which we successfully overcame by creating a comprehensive solution for the measurement of motion forces. Our technological innovations have contributed to the efficiency, reliability and quality of ITW Automotive's manufacturing processes, putting it ahead of the competition in the automotive industry.

Client's statement: "The automated inspection station from Mecasys has not only brought us a speeding up of the production process, but also precise measurements of the motion forces, which has a direct impact on the quality of our interior plastic components. Mecasys is a reliable partner that has helped us achieve high standards in the automotive industry." - Jana Novotná, Production Manager ITW Automotive

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