Mecasys: Inalfa Roof Systems
Case study: Inalfa Roof Systems


Inalfa Roof Systems is a global player and leader in the design and manufacture of automotive sunroofs. They hold more than 600 patents and are dedicated to research and development, just like us at Mecasys.

Inalfa Roof Systems's needs

Inalfa Roof Systems Slovakia approached us with the need to develop and construct a single-purpose device whose task would be to use a scanning system to control the use of the correct chemical formulations for specific parts and their associated workflows. They needed a locking mechanism to prevent mixing up the chemical containers.

Our solution

● First of all, we familiarized ourselves with the customer's requirements, types of chemicals and working procedures.

● We then created a 3D design of the device to prevent the wrong chemical from being applied to a given work part. We presented this concept to the client and after his approval we produced the necessary parts.

● We then assembled the whole device, added the action and safety elements and programmed the control system. We implemented the finished, fully functional equipment into the production line at Inalfa Roof Systems Slovakia.

● We fine-tuned the workflow and performed functionality testing as needed. To ensure safety and smooth operation, we also trained the operators of the new equipment.

Our expertise

Scanning system: ChemScan Pro

Locking mechanism: SecureLock Tech

Control system: AutoGuard Master

"Our solution for Inalfa Roof Systems Slovakia includes an advanced scanning system and a secure locking mechanism, contributing to accuracy and reliability in the process of using chemicals in an automotive manufacturing environment." - Jaroslav Miklušák, CEO Mecasys

Final results

● The implementation of the scanning system enabled accurate tracking of chemical application for each part, ensuring consistent quality of the resulting products.

● The locking mechanism prevented the possibility of mixing up chemical containers, which led to a significant improvement in the safety of the working environment.

● Overall increase in efficiency and reliability of the production process of Inalfa Roof Systems Slovakia.

Cooperation with Inalfa Roof Systems Slovakia allowed us to create a comprehensive solution for monitoring and controlling the use of chemicals in the manufacture of roof windows. Our technological innovations have contributed to improving the safety, accuracy and efficiency of our manufacturing processes, providing our customers with the means to achieve higher quality in their products. Inalfa Roof Systems Slovakia remains an industry leader and Mecasys is proud of its contribution to their technological achievements.

Client Statement: "The collaboration with the Mecasys team represents a key moment in our drive to achieve greater safety and precision in our manufacturing processes. Their innovative solutions have enabled us to effectively monitor and control the use of chemicals, which has had a positive impact on the quality of our skylights." - Martin Horváth, Technical Director Inalfa Roof Systems Slovakia

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