Mecasys: AAH Plastics
Case study: AAH Plastics


AAH Plastics is a leading Slovak supplier of plastic components for the automotive industry.

AAH Plastic's needs

AAH Plastics approached us with the need to develop, design and implement an assembly device directly into an injection moulding press to automate the assembly of metal bushings into a plastic part.

Our solution

● First of all, we had to study the control/control of the injection moulding press and its possibilities of interfacing with the implemented device and the robotic arm.

● Subsequently, we created a 3D design of the equipment for automated assembly of metal bushings and its location in the injection molding press area. We presented this concept to the client and after approval and comments, we manufactured and ordered the necessary equipment parts.

● We then assembled the whole device, programmed it and tested its functionality. Subsequently, after internal tuning, the equipment was implemented into the injection moulding machine at the customer's site.

We fine-tuned the workflow as needed and handed over the finished, fully functional machine to our client AAH Plastics. To ensure safety and smooth operation, we have trained the operators and maintenance of the new equipment.

Our expertise

Robot: 6AX robot ABB

3D design software: AutomaDesign3D

Control system: Siemens control

What do we say to the result? The implementation of our assembly equipment directly into the injection moulding machine has increased production efficiency and minimised the occurrence of rejects, opening up new possibilities in the field of implementing different types of equipment into a single unit.

- Jaroslav Miklušák, CEO Mecasys

Final results

● The introduction of an automated assembly system has contributed to the avoidance of rejects.

Reduced spatial demands on workspace, improved workplace safety.

● Overall speeding up of the production process and optimization of workflows with the use of new equipment.

The collaboration with AAH Plastics has been an interesting project for us at Mecasys, full of technological and programming challenges and innovations. With our specialized solutions, we have successfully solved our client's automated component assembly needs. We are confident that our solutions will bring long-term benefits in terms of accuracy, efficiency and safety within production. For us, the cooperation with AAH Plastics is an example of our ability to contribute to innovation and efficiency in the automotive industry.

What does the client say about the result? The cooperation with Mecasys represents a major step forward for our production. Their solution of automated assembly of components directly in the injection moulding press allows us to achieve excellent results in ergonomics, safety and efficiency.

- Peter Vojtko, Head of Engineering and Production Manager

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