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Work for a company that excels in precision and top-notch quality. For a company where you can learn and grow alongside smart and experienced people. At Mecasys, our door is open.

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Employment benefits

13th and 14th salary

You deserve to be rewarded for good work.

Rewards and bonuses

Exemplary attendance, hard work, or life events – we'll be happy to contribute financially.

Corporate events

We regularly strengthen the team over goulash, cabbage soup, or team-building events.

Professional and language training

We give you the opportunity to develop and improve your professional capabilities and language skills.

Career growth

Diligence and responsibility are always appreciated. That includes career progression, too.

Discounts on corporate products and services

You'll be able to take advantage of special discounts on products and services we provide.

Mobile phone and laptop

Depending on your position, you may get a company mobile phone and laptop.

Company car

If necessary, we'll give you a company car that you can also use for private purposes.

Flexible working hours

We also offer flexible working hours for some positions.