Project information

Yanfeng is a leading global supplier to the automotive industry with more than 80 years of history. It has more than 240 branches worldwide, three of which are in Slovakia. We provided our services to one of them.



Yanfeng Slovakia Automotive


Yanfeng Slovakia Automotive

Yanfeng's needs

Yanfeng approached us with the need to develop and design a single-purpose device whose task would be to use a shape matrix to cut out a specific part of a PVC product with an emphasis on ergonomics and worker safety

Our solution

First, we had to consider several variables and on that basis specify the die-cutting system drive. We chose a hydraulic system.

Subsequently, we created a 3D design for the device for cutting out a part of the PVC part according to the shape matrix. We presented this concept to the client and after its approval we produced the necessary parts.

We then assembled the entire device, added the action and safety elements, and programmed the control system. We debugged the work process as needed and handed over the finished, fully functional device to our client – Yanfeng Automotive Slovakia. To ensure safe and smooth operation, we also trained the operators of the new equipment.