Project information

ZKW Group is a specialist in innovative premium lighting systems and electronics. It has plants in Austria, the Czech Republic, India, the USA and other countries around the world



ZKW Slovakia

Automotive – headlights, vehicle interior lighting

ZKW Slovakia

ZKW's needs

The Slovak branch of the ZKW Group approached us with the need to develop and design a single-purpose device whose task would be to drill 3 holes in the ceiling light shade of the vehicle interior during one work cycle. This would speed up, simplify, and streamline the entire production process.

ZKW Slovakia

Our solution

We created a 3D design for a device for drilling holes in the PVC shade of the vehicle interior light.

Based on the design, we developed the drilling head and tools. We presented this concept to our client – ZKW Slovakia. After its approval, we produced the necessary parts.

We then assembled the entire device, added the pneumatic and electrical elements and programmed the control system. We debugged the work process as needed and handed over the finished, fully functional device to our client – ZKW Slovakia.